I have been told mine was one of the most difficult of all family law cases. I wanted to relocate out of the state of Ohio with my three young daughters. I was told by multiple lawyers that this was impossible and many refused to take my case. Finally I met Dominic and Kristen who were honest about the difficulty of the matter but were willing to accept the challenge. Today I live in Texas with my three daughters. Dominic and Kristen's commitment to my children's best interest exceeded my expectation and I can't thank them enough.

Eden R.

The personalized attention I received from Manu Raj, during one of the toughest times in my life, provided me with the courage and confidence to make level headed decisions. Manu put me in touch with financial experts that helped me map out an achievable fiscal management program. His responsiveness, caring attitude and, attention to detail was remarkable. I would definitely recommend Rieth, Antonelli & Raj to my friends and family. Thanks for helping me get my life back.

Anita B

As a mother of three small children, I was extremely concerned about the future when entering into my divorce. Not only was the outcome better than I expected, it was a much less frustrating experience than I imagined. Manu kept me well informed with letters and copies of all correspondence and information; he returned every call and email I made to him within hours. A true professional who made me feel at ease, I would recommend Rieth Antonelli and Raj to anyone.

Allison C.

Though it wasn't my first choice, when I had to engage in litigation against my Husband, Rich and Manu were there to support and guide me through the legal process. I couldn't have had a more passionate and competent representation than by these two attorneys. They were there for me every step of the way both emotionally and professionally. I am forever thankful for having them represent me through a difficult period in my life.


While the road to dissolution is never a pleasant journey, in navigating the path to a final separation, Manu was an admirable guide. Even though there were more than a few bumps in the road, Manu worked calmly and remained focused on the outcome even when the rest of us may have taken our eyes off the objective. The bottom line is that we did arrive, without litigation, in a cost-effective manner, with lives intact and ready to move on.

Doug B.