Solutions For Custody And Parenting

Your children are the center of your life. You would do anything to protect them from harm. Unfortunately, the best interests of children are often pushed aside when parents divorce. It is easy to get caught up in emotions and lash out. Sometimes parents' well-intentioned but misguided actions actually harm their children in the long run.

At Rieth Antonelli & Raj, we take a holistic and compassionate approach to divorce and custody matters. Our overarching philosophy is to preserve family relationships, even in custody litigation. You and your spouse will lead separate lives, but you will continue parenting together. We will help you restructure your family, not destroy it.

The New Norm: Shared Parenting

Not so long ago, the standard model awarded custody to mothers and gave fathers visitation every other weekend. Now, the courts begin with the presumption that both parents will be actively involved in raising children. Shared parenting is the new standard, including 50-50 arrangements. This requires parents to deal with each other almost daily.

Our Cleveland family law attorneys represent parents in negotiation, mediation and litigation of all facets of child custody. We have found that collaborative divorce is especially suited to resolving these issues by creating an environment of trust and respect and eliminating the specter of a costly and bitter courtroom battle.

We address all facets of the parenting dynamic, including:

  • Contested custody proceedings
  • Negotiated custody arrangements
  • Possession of the marital residence
  • Parenting plans (schedules, exchanges, holidays, extracurriculars)
  • Relocation by one parent
  • Modifications of custody or parenting time
  • Emergency petitions for sole custody

Forward-Thinking Solutions

Parents do not always agree on the "best interests of the child." Our lawyers offer an objective perspective to help parents find middle ground and model and maintain healthy communication and cooperation.

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