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Collaborative divorce is a cost-effective way to terminate your marriage through settlement negotiations, without involving costly and destructive litigation. The goal of collaborative divorce is to promote respect, emphasize the needs of children and allow spouses more control over the process to customize an optimal result.

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What Is Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce involves a series of four-way conferences in which you and your entire family's interests are identified and protected. The process spares you and your children the emotional stress and anxiety associated with other methods, while still ensuring that issues such as custody, spousal support, child support and parenting time are resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

The spouses and their lawyers sign an agreement not to litigate. Removing the threat of litigation allows all members of the collaborative team to engage in open and frank discussions on issues that are extremely important to everyone. When necessary, a collaborative model employs specialized coaches, financial professionals, accountants, psychologists and/or mental health professionals to assist in the dispute resolution process.

Through a collaborative divorce process, clients are able to resolve matters without the pressure or limitations of court proceedings. The collaborative process is committed to putting forth a healthier, more holistic, solution-based approach to restructuring your family rather than destroying it.

Divorce With Dignity Helps Everyone Move Forward

We strive to provide an atmosphere that encourages the creativity and cooperation necessary to create practical and enduring solutions. Our clients are consistently pleased with the process and the outcome, especially those who have been previously abused by the litigation process.

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