Restructure Your Family, Don't Destroy It

Staying in a dysfunctional marriage "for the sake of the kids" only makes the whole family unhappy. But it is equally harmful when divorcing spouses wrangle over custody, without regard for the detrimental impact on their children and their ongoing role as co-parents.

At the law firm of Rieth Antonelli & Raj, we approach divorce from the perspective of preserving and supporting families through a major transition. Rather than drawing battle lines, we help clients de-escalate conflicts and reshape the family dynamics to reflect new realities.

Our attorneys are ardent practitioners of collaborative divorce. We have helped clients throughout Cleveland and Northeast Ohio restructure their families by creating an atmosphere of trust and respect to work through challenging issues.

Problem-Solving Family Transitions Through Collaboration

Focusing on the best interests of the children requires parents to be calm and rational and flexible — easier said than done amid the stress and strong emotions of divorce. Our lawyers are trained in collaborative law and often involve child psychologists, financial advisers and other professionals who can support the mission of moving families forward from crisis mode to embracing change in healthy ways.

We help clients solve the challenges of:

  • Possession of the house
  • Custody orders and parenting schedules
  • Child support and finances
  • Parenting roles and responsibilities
  • Rules and boundaries
  • Rebuilding parent-child bonds
  • Blended families (new partners and their children)
  • Relocation away from Cuyahoga County

Set The Stage For A Happier Future

Collaborative divorce includes a nonlitigation clause. This allows parents to work out the details of post-divorce family life in a dignified and respectful way. Call Rieth Antonelli & Raj at 216-861-2222 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.