Parent Relocation: Fighting For Your Parental Rights

Few issues in family law are more hotly contested than move-away requests. One parent stands to be deprived of seeing his or her kids. The other parent stands to be trapped by a custody order. There is little middle ground and the underlying conflicts are not solved when the relocation is granted or denied.

Rieth Antonelli & Raj has represented both sides in parent relocation disputes. Our experienced lawyers handle relocation as a factor in initial divorce proceedings, as well as post-decree petitions to move out of state with the children. We will vigorously assert your parental rights while striving to salvage healthy communication and cooperation between parents in either outcome.

What Is In The Child's Best Interests?

Moving out of state (or to a distant part of Ohio) requires court approval and ample notice of intent to relocate. It can be resolved out of court, but typically the issue is litigated as a custody modification hearing.

The court considers the reason for the move, whether it will serve the child's best interests and whether the noncustodial parent's relationship with the child will suffer. We help clients present the strongest argument through aggressive litigation or collaborative negotiations.

After The Decision Is Made ...

If relocation is granted, it will be necessary to revise the parenting plan and possibly child support. The court may require the relocating parent to cover the other parent's travel costs. We help clients work through these issues of restructuring the family and preserving a strong parent-child bond.

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