Same-Sex Divorce: Experienced Guidance For A New Frontier

Even before same-sex marriage was legalized in Ohio and across the U.S., Rieth Antonelli & Raj has long been dealing with the legal issues of bringing together and separating gay and lesbian partners. Now that same-sex marriages are the norm, we are well-positioned because of our history to deal with divorce and custody matters in an effective way.

Same-sex divorce is now governed by the same statutes as "traditional" divorce. However, our attorneys are attuned to the unique considerations that the LGBT community faces when their marriages or long-term relationships end:

Before the landmark change in the law, we helped gay and lesbian couples dissolve their partnerships through the collaborative divorce process, which eschews litigation to create conditions for an amicable and respectful settlement. We still heartily endorse this option, especially when children are involved.

In the new frontier, our experienced trial lawyers can also represent same-sex clients in divorce litigation when it is necessary to forcefully assert your rights.

We Welcome All Types Of Families

Our Cleveland attorneys can address all issues of same-sex family law, representing clients throughout Northeast Ohio. To discuss your situation, call 216-861-2222 or contact us online.