Complex Property Division In Divorce

A complex marital estate does not automatically translate to expensive and protracted litigation. To the contrary, high-asset divorces are highly amenable to settlement because of the numerous options for a creative distribution. For marital property matters that do end up in court, such litigation can be accomplished in a civil and practical manner.

Rieth Antonelli & Raj is committed to limiting the financial and emotional cost of divorce. Our experience and our courtroom reputation are conducive to timely settlements that reflect the goals and priorities of our clients. We have frequently handled multimillion-dollar estates and complex property division matters such as valuations and commingled assets.

Our attorneys practice in Cuyahoga County and surrounding jurisdictions of Northeast Ohio. We represent many professionals, business owners and other high net worth individuals, as well as their lesser-earning spouses. Whatever your income level or asset base, we can protect your interests and move your divorce and property settlement forward efficiently.

Solutions For Dividing Assets And Debts

There are three main components of property division: characterization of assets as marital or separate property, assigning value to those assets, and the give-and-take to reach an equitable distribution under Ohio law.

The lawyers of Rieth Antonelli & Raj can knowledgeably address every facet of your portfolio, including:

  • Possession of the house and equity consideration
  • Other real estate in Ohio or out of state
  • Pensions, 401(k)s and other retirement assets
  • Spousal share of a closely held businesses
  • Stocks, bonds and investments
  • Electronic assets
  • Stock options and deferred compensation
  • Art, jewelry, vehicles and other valuables

Planning For Settlement By Preparing For Litigation

The vast majority of divorces settle before a judge's gavel ever falls. Our attorneys have simply become very good at creating a settlement atmosphere on the front end rather than waiting until the eve of trial, saving our clients time, money and stress. In fact, some of our biggest property cases are resolved through collaborative divorce, which avoids litigation altogether.

We encourage the use of neutral professionals to determine valuations, rather than each spouse hiring competing experts. While we are always prepared to go to trial, we help clients establish priorities so they can choose those battles wisely.

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