Domestic Violence And The Ramifications In Divorce

If you are seeking divorce because of a pattern of spousal abuse or simply seeking protection for yourself and your children, the legal team at Rieth Antonelli & Raj is here to help. We will take steps to ensure your safety and safeguard your rights.

From years of practice in the family courts of northeast Ohio, we understand the devastating impact of domestic violence on the whole family. We know how hard it is — and how important it is — to break the cycle of abuse and begin to rebuild a better life. Call 911 if you are in immediate danger, or call our firm to arrange a discussion about filing for divorce or a temporary protection order.

Spousal Abuse And Protection Orders

Have you been physically or sexually abused by your spouse or partner? Has your partner threatened to harm you or take your children? Our attorneys will accompany you to court to seek a protection order. Typically, the order will remove the abusive party from the home and bar that person from contacting you. A protection order imposes jail time and other sanctions if the person violates the no-contact rule or retaliates with threats or stalking. After a week or so, the court will hold a hearing on whether to continue the protection as a permanent order.

In conjunction with a protective order, we help domestic violence victims assert their rights and take charge of their lives. You may be ready to file for divorce, or you may hope to reconcile with your spouse. Either way, it may be necessary to go to court to obtain temporary orders for custody, child support or spousal support. We also help clients find resources such as women's shelters or counseling services.

The Other Side Of The Story
Have you been unfairly accused of domestic violence to put you at a disadvantage in divorce proceedings or subjected to a protection order to keep you from seeing your kids? We have successfully defended clients in hearings to cancel or scale back civil protection orders.

We Are Here To Advocate For You

Nothing is more important than your safety and the well-being of your children. We invite you to contact us online or call our Cleveland law office at 216-861-2222. Our experienced trial lawyers will vigorously represent you in all legal proceedings.