Are You A Candidate For Dissolution Or Uncontested Divorce?

Many divorcing couples have no interest in going to court. They just want to go their separate ways, as amicably as possible with as little drama and cost as possible. But it is not always easy to "untie the knot." In many cases, there are complications or considerations that require the advice and assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer.

Rieth Antonelli & Raj regularly counsels individuals and couples as they attempt to dissolve their marriage amicably through dissolution proceedings. We practice family law in Cuyahoga County and surrounding Northeast Ohio. Arrange a consultation to explore your options.

What Is Dissolution?

Technically, all divorces result in dissolution — a formal court decree dissolving the bonds of matrimony. In practical terms, dissolution is a mutual agreement to get divorced with minimal involvement of the court — no temporary orders, discovery, motions, hearings or trials.

Ohio is a no-fault divorce state — it is not necessary to establish grounds for divorce such as infidelity or abuse. Nonetheless, some people are attracted to dissolution because it terminates the marriage without delay, without assigning blame and without "airing dirty laundry."

Dissolution may make sense if:

  • You both want to end the marriage
  • You have come to an agreement
  • You both have a comfortable understanding of the assets and liabilities of the marriage

When Conflicts Arise In Dissolution

The court requires that all issues be settled, including assets, debts, custody arrangements, child support and spousal support. The terms of the separation agreement must also be fair and reasonable, in accordance with Ohio statute. Our knowledgeable lawyers can help draft a settlement in the appropriate legalese. We can also review your "kitchen table" agreement to identify any conflicts or omissions.

Some uncontested divorces unravel upon closer inspection — property division, parenting plans, financial complexities or issues the spouses had not considered. Resolving such conflicts through mediation or collaborative divorce may still lead to a timely dissolution. Our attorneys also represent clients in litigation of escalated divorce disputes.

An Ounce Of Prevention ...

Dissolution is a smart approach if you and your spouse are on good terms. But a "do-it-yourself" dissolution is dangerous. Call the Cleveland attorneys of Rieth Antonelli & Raj at 216-861-2222 or contact us online to arrange for proper legal advice.