Divorce Mediation

Mediation, a method of alternative dispute resolution, is ideally suited to couples who have relatively comparable understanding of their family finances, needs of their children, and issues confronting them both currently and in the future.

As a mother of three small children, I was extremely concerned about the future when entering into my divorce. Not only was the outcome better than I expected, it was a much less frustrating experience than I imagined. Manu kept me well informed with letters and copies of all correspondence and information; he returned every call and email I made to him within hours. A true professional who made me feel at ease, I would recommend Rieth Antonelli and Raj to anyone. Allison C.

It is a process of resolving conflict with an impartial third party-a mediator-who facilitates the discussion and ensures that all necessary issues are raised, addressed, and resolved.

The Mediator helps you develop options to resolve disputes more as a facilitator rather than a decision maker. The mediator can provide legal advice but they do so in a neutral and mutually beneficial manner. Each spouse, however, is encouraged to seek individual counsel from his or her own attorney. Mediation can save clients time, acrimony, and cost.

For many families, Mediation is a great option to resolve their family law dispute. If Mediation is not for you, Rieth Antonelli & Raj offers Collaborative Practice as an alternative.