10 Things To Consider Before Getting A Divorce

While divorce may be inevitable, it creates a whole new set of challenges for you and your children. Before initiating a divorce, take a step back to consider all the implications.

  1. How will divorce affect your kids? Some children take it in stride. Some are wounded and struggle to adapt. The nastier the divorce, the deeper and longer-lasting the impact. How will you break the news and how will you help them cope with the process?
  2. What will you do about the house? Many times, one spouse is adamant about staying in the marital residence for the sake of the kids. But this is not always financially feasible, resulting in putting the home up for sale and placing the family in limbo again.
  3. Are you triggering a fight? Couples who can stay amicable and negotiate will be spared considerable acrimony and expense. But are you really "on the same page"? Are you sure your spouse won't go out and hire the toughest trial lawyer in town?
  4. How solid is your support network? Friends and family you thought you could lean on may take sides with your spouse or distance themselves from you. Be careful about tipping off your spouse by confiding in the wrong person.
  5. What is your vision for divorce? Are you simply escaping an unhappy situation or do you have a plan to rebuild your life? You need to think about where you will live, how much money you will have and how your family will be any better off.
  6. Do you really want to start dating? Jumping into a new romance before you are separated or divorced can backfire. Your children may turn on you, your spouse may retaliate and the court may take a dim view of bringing a new partner into the mix.
  7. How well are you acquainted with your assets? Before you ask your spouse for a divorce, you need to take inventory and start gathering documents and passwords. What is most important to you and what are you willing to let go?
  8. Will you pay child support or spousal support? The court's view of financial responsibility may present many financial challenges for your family. Our experience and advice provide for manageable financial circumstances for your entire family.
  9. Is this the right time to get divorced? If your marital woes stem from financial struggles or health issues, a divorce will only magnify your problems. Can you co-exist under one roof? What about a trial separation?
  10. Will your spouse relocate with your kids? We are well prepared to address the unintended consequence of many divorces that motivates a parent to seek relocation outside of Northeast Ohio.

There Is No Substitute For Experienced Legal Counsel

This is by no means an exhaustive list or intended to keep you in an unhappy marriage. The upshot is that you need to go into divorce with your eyes wide open. That starts with the attorney you hire to represent you.

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