The Right Approach To Your Divorce

People get divorced for many reasons and get divorced in various ways. Whether you have come to a mutual decision or your spouse has served you with papers, you now face many important decisions, including how you will get divorced.

The Cleveland divorce attorneys of Rieth Antonelli & Raj are your advocates in a complex and stressful process. We will faithfully protect your interests, in or out of court. We will also empower you to reach decisions and forge solutions that make sense for you and your family in the aftermath of divorce.

Divorce Is Hard Enough. Why Make It Harder?

An unraveling marriage often brings out the worst in people. Some attorneys are happy to exploit that fact. Our philosophy is to appeal to the better nature of people by keeping the focus on the children and the future. We guide clients to amicable and workable agreements on asset division and parenting, to avoid the expense and uncertainty of a trial. Even when litigation becomes necessary, it does not have to be drawn out and nasty. We believe that the emotional, financial and psychological devastation that often goes with traditionally litigated divorce is not inevitable, but can, and should, be avoided.

Our decades of combined practice in divorce and family law includes considerable courtroom experience. We will sit down with you to explore all your options, including:

  • Divorce litigation — Involving a judge to rule on issues of property, custody or support when a negotiated solution is not possible
  • Collaborative divorce — Negotiating your own settlement, with the advice of a lawyer and other professionals, under a formal agreement not to go to court
  • Mediation — Coming to consensus with the help of a third-party facilitator
  • Arbitration — A "mini-trial" in which a neutral arbitrator hears arguments and issues a decision
  • Dissolution — Also known as no-fault or uncontested divorce, a settlement agreement that bypasses legal proceedings

We have experience with complex asset division, including cases involving closely held businesses and significant retirement savings. In any venue, we strive for solutions to custody disputes that protect children and preserve family ties.

Have You Considered Collaborative Divorce?
We are effective trial lawyers who regularly go to court and win for our clients. But we are just as proud when we are able to transition clients from a litigation mind-set to a successful collaboration. We believe that everybody wins in collaborative law — most notably the children. Rieth Antonelli & Raj has been at the forefront of collaborative law in Cuyahoga County and Northeast Ohio. We use collaboration on a daily basis, as more and more couples seek an alternative to the divorce wars.

Your Divorce, Your Way

Our representation is tailored to your circumstances and your goals. An amicable divorce is not always an option. Our lawyers regularly advocate for clients in divorce and custody litigation, from property division and relocation disputes to restraining orders and child support modifications. We aim for agreements, but always prepare for court.

To discuss our litigation experience and the best strategy for your divorce, call Rieth Antonelli & Raj at 216-861-2222 or complete our contact form and we will respond soon.