Collaboration A Better Way To Get Divorced

Over the years, it became apparent to us that litigation is ill-suited to solving the challenges families face in divorce. In court, there are winners and losers. In reality, everyone is damaged by the adversarial model of divorce, especially the children. Surely there must be a better way.

The collaborative law approach is particularly well-suited to family law. In other civil cases, the plaintiff and defendant separate after the legal proceedings end. But in divorce, the parties necessarily stay in contact with each other, particularly where children are involved. It is extremely important to preserve a positive relationship. If parents are not careful and thoughtful in dealing with each other, they may wreak havoc on the whole family.

The attorneys of Rieth Antonelli & Raj pioneered the practice of collaborative divorce in Cuyahoga County and Northeast Ohio. We have found that clients are very attracted to this approach once they understand the benefits of collaboration and the adverse effects of litigation.

As a mother of three small children, I was extremely concerned about the future when entering into my divorce. Not only was the outcome better than I expected, it was a much less frustrating experience than I imagined. The firm kept me well-informed with letters and copies of all correspondence and information; he returned every call and email I made to him within hours. True professionals who made me feel at ease, I would recommend Rieth Antonelli & Raj to anyone.
Allison C.

Untying The Knots Of Marriage While Maintaining Family Ties

Collaborative divorce covers all the same issues of a contested divorce — child custody, child support, spousal support and dividing the marital estate. But rather than notching courtroom victories, the goal is a holistic solution that fosters family relationships and the best interests of your children. A customized agreement in which you played a role is always preferable to letting a third-party judge make decisions about your life and the lives of your children.

A vast body of research shows that children of high-conflict divorce are more prone to academic struggles, drug abuse, fights, depression and other problems. A divorce battle also takes a financial and emotional toll on the adults as well as the children.

Start Off On The Right Foot

Many couples set out with amicable intentions, but succumb to their emotions or bad advice. A formal collaborative process creates the framework of respect and cooperation necessary to stay objective and focused on the long-range goals.

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