Why Should I Consider Collaborative Divorce?

We have come to believe that a collaborative approach truly is a better way to get divorced. Our attorneys have facilitated countless success stories — helping families transition from a tense and toxic situation to a healthier and happier place — without the financial and emotional toll of litigation.

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The Advantages Of Collaborative Law

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to the traditional model of spouses as adversaries. Most people find the process and the outcomes to be superior. A collaborative divorce:

  • Creates a safe and civilized environment — It is easier to work through complex issues without threats, accusations and legal maneuvering.
  • Conserves family resources — Litigation is expensive, adding to the financial hardships of divorce.
  • Avoids the negatives of a trial — Collaboration avoids much of the stress, animosity and uncertainty of going to court.
  • Puts key decisions in your hands — Your children's well-being and your financial future are too important to be left to a judge or magistrate.
  • Preserves relationships — Collaborative divorce focuses on restructuring your family, not destroying it.
  • Paves the way forward — After divorce, you remain able to effectively co-parent and communicate.
  • Brings in problem solvers — You are guided by specially trained lawyers, with input from counselors, financial advisers and other professionals.

Collaborative Divorce Is Not For Everyone

Collaboration requires both spouses to be open, cooperative and respectful. It won't work if one party is verbally abusive, manipulative or confrontational, or in cases involving domestic violence or harassment.

Divorce With Dignity

When the only way forward is negotiation, hostility and gamesmanship give way to communication and compromise. This rebuilds trust and respect that is so vital to an amicable settlement and a healthy parenting relationship over the long term.

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