Arbitration is in many ways the opposite of mediation and is frequently referred to as "litigation lite." In arbitration, the parties take a back seat to their lawyers who essentially "try" their case to a neutral third-party. This is simply a less formal and more efficient private form of dispute resolution. Both parties, through their respective counsel, choose an arbitrator who listens to their disputed issues and analyzes the presented evidence. At the conclusion of each party's presentation, the arbitrator issues a decision. Depending upon the style of arbitration, this decision could be binding or non-binding. As a matter of Ohio State Law, arbitration

Though it wasn't my first choice, when I had to engage in litigation against my Husband, Rich and Manu were there to support and guide me through the legal process. I couldn't have had a more passionate and competent representation than by these two attorneys. They were there for me every step of the way both emotionally and professionally. I am forever thankful for having them represent me through a difficult period in my life. Susan

For many families, Arbitration is a great option to resolve their family law dispute. If Arbitration is not for you, Rieth Antonelli & Raj offers Litigation as an alternative.