Post-Decree Modification

For many families, the end of the marriage is just the beginning of their legal odyssey and involvement with Domestic Relations Court. Inevitably, parenting plans which are designed for young children need to be modified and enhanced as they grow. Rieth Antonelli & Raj is very active in post decree modifications of child support, parenting schedules and changes of custody.

Our attorneys work closely with clients after their divorce is final to ensure that the terms of the judgment are carried out in their entirety. Ensuring that quit claim deeds are executed, accounts are divided and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders are properly prepared and implemented is the care and precision with which our clients are accustomed.

When necessary, we litigate post decree enforcement issues including the collection of past due spousal support (alimony) and child support, UIFSA and UCCJEA litigation as well as Hague Convention matters.